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Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek logoUSS Enterprise

Star Trek BeyondJuly 29, 2016

Varese Sarbande has released Michael Giacchino's score for Star Trek Beyond for CD and digital download.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 2
Star Trek: The Next Generation logo

Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 2January 12, 2016

La-La Land Records has released the Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 2 featuring music from Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway and George Romanis.

  • 3 CDs
  • Running Time: 3:48:41
  • Limited Edition of 3,000

Upcoming Releases

La-La Land Records
La-La Land Records logo

September 4, 2016

Star Trek: Enterprise Collection, Volume 2 coverStar Trek releases from La-La Land Records for 2016/17 include:

Dates for the Enterprise, Voyager and 50th Anniversary releases were confirmed by La-La Land Records on the Film Score Monthly message board. No information was provided on the Deep Space 9 release.


Site Update
Starfleet Corps of Engineers

August 2016

After a few years of technical issues, Star Trek Soundtracks is finally back. The site is now hosted on a different server, which should eliminate the random downtime the site experienced in the past, especially the last two years of inactivity. A few things to note:

  • The search page doesn't work as it relies on an antiquated service that needs to be replaced
  • Most PNG graphics have been replaced with SVG graphics
  • The e-mail link should work...but it doesn't
  • The old responsive design code has been removed, and will be replaced with something a bit more modern
Star Trek 50th Annivserary
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Deluxe Box

August 2016

ZYX Music (a European distributor for GNP Crescendo) has two releases of previously available material to celebrate Star Trek's 50th Anniversary.

Rihanna: Sledgehammer

July 27, 2016

Rihanna has released a digital single for Sledgehammer, which is featured in the end credits of Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery

July 23, 2016

At Comic-Con in San Diego CBS has announced the name of the upcoming CBS All Access series; Star Trek: Discovery. They also premeired a small video teaser. Music for the teaser was composed by Fil Eisler as part of an audition for the series.

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage
Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage cover

March 2016

CineConcerts Records has released Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage, a 2-CD set of music from their 50th Anniversary Concert Tour performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Justin Freer.

TOS Soundtrack Collection Digital Downloads
Star Trek: Volume 3

April 3, 2016

La-La Land Records has begun releasing digital downloads of music from the Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection.

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