Original Television Soundtrack

Composer Dennis McCarthy
Conductor Dennis McCarthy
Catalog # GNPD 8034
Discs / Time 1 / 52:23
Release Date June 29, 1993
Cover Front | Alternates
Label GNP Crescendo Records

Track Listing

  1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title 1:55
  2. Wolf 359 4:50
  3. The Enterprise Departs / A New Home 1:10
  4. Trashed and Thrashed 1:59
  5. Bajor / Jake / Saying Goodbye* 1:44
  6. Cucumbers in Space 1:44
  7. New Personality 2:17
  8. Into the Wormhole 3:41
  9. Time Stood Still 4:13
  10. Searching for Relatives 1:13
  11. Painful Memories 4:21
  12. Passage Terminated 3:44
  13. Back to the Saratoga / What Shields? 2:00
  14. Reconciliation 3:18
  15. The Sisko Kid 4:40
  16. A New Beginning 1:47
  17. Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [single version] 4:16
  18. Passage Terminated [single version] 3:31
  • Music published by Addax Music Co. Inc. ASCAP.
  • *Contains "Theme from Star Trek - The TV Series" by A. Courage published by Bruin Music Company BMI.

Replica and Alternate Covers

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Emissary replica cover
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Emissary alternate cover

Alternate covers are also available in high resolution on OneDrive.

Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: Dennis McCarthy
  • Executive Album Producer: Neil Norman and Mark Banning
  • Single Theme version produced by: Neil Norman and Dennis McCarthy
  • Album Sequenced by: Mark Banning
  • Album Mixed by: Rick Winquest at Group IV Recording, Inc.
  • Assistant Engineer: Matt Pakucko
  • Graphic Production and Liner Notes: Mark Banning
  • Recorded at: Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Scoring Stage 1
  • Mixer: Armin Steiner
  • Single Theme versions recorded at: Group IV Recording, Inc.
  • Engineers: Rick Winquest and Eric Cowden
  • GNP Crescendo wishes to thank: The Gang at Avenue L & 8th St., The Gang at the Licensing Dept., Gary Hutzel at Digital Magic for his help on this and previous STAR TREK albums for GNP.
  • Dennis McCarthy wishes to thank: My wife Patti, my kids Dennis, John and Kristine for all their continued support, Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson, Michael Pillar, Assadrori, Glen Campbell, Neil Norman, Mark Banning and all the musicians who helped make this album possible. YO!!

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