Space and Beyond 2: Alien Invasion

Space and Beyond 2: Alien Invasion

Composers Various
Conductors Nic Raine, Paul Bateman and Nicholas Dodd
Performers The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and The Crouch End Festival Chorus
Catalog # SSD 1083
Discs / Time Disc 1: 75:06
Disc 2: 74:32
Release Date 1998
Cover Front
Label Silva Screen Records

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Mars Attacks: Introduction and Main Title 4:02
  2. The Day the Earth Stood Still: Outer Space / Radar / Farewell and Finale 5:43
  3. Dune: Suite 8:44
  4. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Klingon Battle 5:38
  5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: One Last Visit 3:10
  6. Star Trek: First Contact: End Title Suite 5:12
  7. When Worlds Collide: Main Title / Foreward / Doomsday Drawing / The Takeoff / The New World 8:28
  8. Battle Beyond the Stars: Theme 4:06
  9. The Thing from Another World: Main Title / The Melting Sequence / The Thing Electrocuted 7:36
  10. Twilight Zone: The Movie: End Title Suite 6:29
  11. Battlestar Galactica: Prologue / Main Title / The Destruction of Peace / A Chance to Live / Exodus One 11:11
  12. Stargate: Giza 1928 / Going Home 4:47
  • Tracks 4 and 6 composed by Jerry Goldsmith.
  • Track 5 composed by Dennis McCarthy.
  • Tracks 4-6 published by Famous Music Corp.

Disc 2

  1. Forbidden Planet: Prelude 3:15
  2. The Planets: Mars, The Bringer of War 8:09
  3. Contact: End Title 8:48
  4. Starship Troopers: Bugs! 2:08
  5. Starship Troopers: Fed Net March 5:04
  6. Predator: Theme 4:09
  7. War of the Worlds: Main Title and Introduction / Martian Man Dies / Evacuation and Finale 10:40
  8. The Empire Strikes Back: The Imperial March 3:12
  9. Invaders from Mars: End Title 3:46
  10. Space: Above and Beyond: Suite 7:30
  11. V: Theme 1:50
  12. Starman: End Title (Symphonic Version) 4:46
  13. Independance Day: End Title Suite 9:08
  14. The Thing from Another World: The Things Lives! 2:07

Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: James Fitzpatrick
  • Executive Producer: Reynold da Silva
  • Associate Producer: Mark Ayres, Paul Bateman, Philip Lane and Matthew Dilley
  • Release Coordination: David Stoner and Ford A. Thaxton
  • Album Design and Illustrations: Colin Parker
  • Chief Digital Recording and Balance Engineer: John Luard Timperley
  • Additional Recording: Richard Bradford
  • Recorded at: "Smecky Studios," Prague, December 1966, April, September and November 1997
  • Choir Recording: Mike Ross-Trevor, Whitfield Street Studios, London
  • All Additional Synthesizers: Performed, produced and recorded by Mark Ayres
  • "The Thing" performed by Francois Evans (Ondes Martenot)
  • Orchestral Leader: Vladimir Pilar
  • Orchestra Contractor: Rudolph Widerman
  • All tracks conducted by: Nic Raine except for CD 2 tracks 3-5 by Paul Bateman, and CD 2 track 13 by Nicholas Dodd
  • Editing, Mastering and Dolby Surround Sound/HDCD Engineering: "The Whole Team" SRT, Sound Recording Technology, St. Ives, Cambridge
  • Liner Notes: David Hirsch
  • Manuscript Coordination: USA - John W. Waxman: Themes & Variations, Ford A. Thaxton: Silva Screen Records America
  • Thanks must go to the following composers, musicians and technicians who helped in the recording of this album, including: David Arnold, Mark Ayres, Paul Bateman, Bob Bornstein, Richard Bradford, Myron Bronfield, Brad Dechter, Matthew Dilley, Nicholas Dodd, Larry Dominello, Juraj Durovic, Steve Edwards, Danny Elfman, Jerry Goldsmith, Joe Harnell, Philip Lane, Dennis McCarthy, Mark McGurty, David Mitchell, David Paich, Stu Phillips, Basil Poledouris, Nic Raine, Mike Ross, Patrick Russ, Alan Silvestri, David Temple, Olivia Tiomkin, John "Who Needs Flying-Faders?" Timperley, Colin Towns, Ridge Walker, Shirley Walker, Christopher Young and as always John Waxman

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