Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Expanded Edition

I, Mudd / The Enemy Within / Spectre of the Gun / Conscience of the King

Symphonic Suites Arranged From The Original Television Scores: Volume 2

Composers Joseph Mullendore, Jerry Fielding, Sol Kaplan and Samuel Matlovsky
Conductor Alexander Courage
Performers Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Catalog # LXCD 704
Discs / Time 1 / 45:49
Release Date 1986
Cover Front | Alternates
Label Label X
Related Release Volume 1

Track Listing

Conscience of the King

Season 1 • 1966 • Joseph Mullendore

  1. Spaceship Titles
    Lenore's Kiss
    Everything is Later
    Ophelia Mania
    Last Cue

Spectre of the Gun

Season 3 • 1968 • Jerry Fielding

  1. Melkot's Warning
    Teeth Pulling
    My Name
    Doc Holiday
    Love Scene in Old West
    Chekov Gets Killed
    Ten Minutes
    We're Trapped
    Final Curtain

The Enemy Within

Season 1 • 1966 • Sol Kaplan

  1. The Rock Slide
    The Tired Captain
    Bruised Knuckles
    An Impostor
    Alter Ego
    Another Brandy
    Double Dog Death
    Help Me
    Thank You, Yeoman

I, Mudd

Season 2 • 1967 • Samuel Matlovsky

  1. Alice in Wonderland
    Mudd's Series
    tired of Happiness
    The Last Straw
    Stella 500
  • Tracks 1 and 3 published by Bruin Music Co. BMI.
  • Tracks 2 and 4 published by Addax Music Co, Inc. ASCAP


Replica and Alternate Covers

  • Star Trek: Volume 2 (Label X) replica cover
  • Star Trek: Volume 2 (Label X) alternate cover

Alternate covers are also available in high resolution on OneDrive.

Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producers: Clyde Allen and John Lasher
  • Digital Recording Engineer: Keith Grant, Olympic Studios, London, England
  • Digital Recordist: Toby Alington
  • Digital System: Sony PCM-1610
  • Digital Editing and Mastering Engineer: Danny Hersch, JVC DiscAmerica
  • CD Manufacturing: LaserVideo, Inc.
  • Manuscript Preparation: Clyde Allen and Tony Bremner
  • Supervising Copyist: Colin Appleton
  • Art Direction and Design: John Lasher and Ron Wong
  • Cover Illustration: Walter W. Lee

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