Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composer Jerry Goldsmith
Conductor Jerry Goldsmith
Catalog # CK 36334
Discs / Time 1 / 39:58
Release Date 1986
Cover Front
Label Columbia Records/CBS Records, Inc.
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Track Listing

  1. Main Title/Klingon Battle 6:50
  2. Leaving Drydock 3:29
  3. The Cloud 4:59
  4. The Enterprise 5:58
  5. Ilia's Theme 3:00
  6. Vejur Flyover 4:55
  7. The Meld 3:15
  8. Spock Walk 4:17
  9. End Title 3:15

Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: Jerry Goldsmith
  • Executive Producer: Bruce Botnick
  • Orchestrations: Arthur Morton
  • Contractor: Carl Fortina
  • Music Editor for the Film: Ken Hall
  • Recorded at: 20th Century Fox, Music Scoring Stage
  • Engineer: John Neil
  • Assisted by: Terry Brown, Randy Saunders and Barry Walters
  • For 20th Century Fox Music Department: Lionel Newman
  • Sony Digital Recording System Consultants: Rick Plushner and Roger Pryor
  • Editing Engineer: Bruce Botnick
  • Disc Mastering: Wally Traugott, Capitol Records Studios, Hollywood
  • For Paramount Pictures Music Department: Hunter Murtaugh
  • For Columbia Records: Michael Dilbeck, Bruce Lundvall, Joe Dash and Guy Spellman
  • Front Cover Art: Bob Peak

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