Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composer James Horner
Conductor James Horner
Catalog # GNPD 8023
Discs / Time Disc 1: 46:56
Release Date November 1, 1990
Covers Front
Label GNP Crescendo Records
Related Release Expanded Edition (2010)

Track Listing

  1. Prologue and Main Title* 6:34
  2. Klingons* 5:59
  3. Stealing the Enterprise* 8:35
  4. The Mind Meld 2:35
  5. Bird of Prey Decloaks 3:41
  6. Returning to Vulcan 4:54
  7. The Katra Ritual 4:34
  8. End Title* 6:18
  9. The Search For Spock 3:43
  • Music published by Famous Music Corporation (ASCAP).
  • *Contains TV theme by A. Courage published by Bruin Music Company (BMI).


Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: James Horner
  • GNP Album Coordinator: Neil Norman
  • Graphic Production and Additional Liner Notes: Mark Banning
  • Music Editor: Bob Badami
  • Orchestrations: Greig McRitchie
  • Recorded at: Record Plant, Stage M
  • Music Scoring Mixer: Dan Wallin
  • Second Engineer: Bill Benton
  • Mastered at: Precision Lacquer
  • Mastering Engineer: Stephen Marcussen
  • Digital Mastering: Digital Magnetics
  • Digital Mastering Engineer: David Collins
  • Special Thanks to: Ralph Winter (associate producer), Robert F. Shugrue (editor), Michael Schoenbrun (unit production manager), Charles Correll (director of photography), and a very special thanks to Bobby Colomby, Capitol Records
  • GNP Crescendo Records Wishes to Thank: Hale Milgrim and Mark Berger
  • Manufactured by DMI

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