Star Trek V: The Final Frontier cover

Star Trek V: The Final Fronter

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composer Jerry Goldsmith
Conductor Jerry Goldsmith
Catalog # EK 45267
Discs / Time 1 / 42:22
Release Date 1989
Cover Front
Label Epic Records/CBS Records
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Track Listing

  1. The Mountain* 3:53
  2. The Barrier* 2:53
  3. Without Help 4:21
  4. A Busy Man 4:42
  5. Open the Gates 3:02
  6. An Angry God 6:58
  7. Let's Get Out of Here 5:15
  8. Free Minds 3:19
  9. Life is a Dream* 3:59
  10. The Moon's a Window to Heaven** 4:00
  • * Contains fanfare from Star Trek TV series composed by Alexander Courage.
  • **Performed and arranged by Hiroshima. Written by Jerry Goldsmith and J. Bettis.


Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producers: Jerry Goldsmith (tracks 1-9) and Dan Kuramoto (track 10)
  • Orchestrations: Arthur Morton
  • Recorded by: Bruce Botnick
  • Recorded at: Record Plant Scoring, Los Angeles, CA
  • Music Editor: Ken Hall
  • CD Mastering and editing: Digital Magnetics, Los Angeles, CA
  • Vinyl Mastering: Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
  • Assistant to Mr. Goldsmith: Lois Carruth
  • Digital keyboards by Yamaha
  • Digitally recorded and mixed
  • Special thanks to: Harve Bennett, John Bettis, Bobby Colomby, Ronnie Dashey, John Kuramoto, Dave Novik, William Shatner, Ralph Winter and the gang at Avenue L and 8th Street
  • "The Moon's a Window to Heaven" performed and arranged by Hiroshima.

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