Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composer Cliff Eidelman
Conductor Cliff Eidelman
Catalog # MCAD-10512
Discs / Time 1 / 45:16
Release Date 1991
Covers Front
Label MCA Records
Related Release Expanded Edition (2012)

Track Listing

  1. Overture 2:57
  2. An Incident :53
  3. Clear All Moorings* 1:39
  4. Assassination 4:45
  5. Surrender For Peace 2:46
  6. Death of Gorkon 1:10
  7. Rura Penthe 4:22
  8. Revealed 2:38
  9. Escape From Rura Penthe 5:34
  10. Dining On Ashes 1:00
  11. The Battle For Peace 8:03
  12. Sign Off* 3:13
  13. Star Trek IV Suite 6:18
  • *Contains theme from Star Trek TV series by Alexander Courage (Bruin Music Company/BMI).


Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: Cliff Eidelman
  • Orchestrations: Mark McKenzie and William Kidd
  • Music Editor: Bunny Andrews
  • Orchestra Contractor: Carl Fortina
  • Music Preparation: Bob Bornstein
  • Record and Mixed by: Armin Steiner
  • Mastered by: Dave Collins at A&M Records
  • Music Published by: Famous Music Corporation (ASCAP)
  • Art Direction/Design: Jeanne Bradshaw
  • Special thanks to: my family, my supervisor--Claire Benoit, my mentor--Donald G. Richardson
  • Very special thanks to: Nicholas Meyer for his support and encouragement, Ralph Winter, Steven-Charles Jaffe, Ron Roose, Leonard Nimoy, Richard Kratt, The Gang at Avenue L and 8th Street, and, of course, the great musicians of Los Angeles who performed this score.

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